August 21, 2018

The Band

Jen b&w blur

Jen Housholder – Lead Vocals, song writer, and only female.

Jen’s style of music is inspired through growing up around various cultures and flavors of life on the East Coast, the Deep South, the Midwest, and Southern California.  All her experiences have shaped her music’s rich texture and impact.  Jen’s music stirs the soul, each piece fresh, standing on its own. If there is one thing that can be said about Jen is her zeal for life, not taking people or herself too seriously, and chewing Bubble Yum even when the taste is gone. Okay, so that was three …

Hobbies: Training her dog “Drew” to drink responsibly. Long distance running and participating in local running events. Spending time with family and friends.








Alex Hous Band

Alex – Lead Guitar … and that is all we know so far … more to come … please stay tuned because it is going to be good! … really … it is.



John Hous Band

John – Drummer

John has been playing for over 18 years in various bands ranging from rock and punk, to rockabilly, folk and much more. He is an endorser of Rockett Drum Works, plays Sabian cymbals and uses DW hardware.