August 21, 2018

Thin Line

Thin Line by Jen Housholder

Life is can be so adventurous, inspiring, and very hurtful. What do you do when you want to kill yourself because the pain is just too much? Where is the peace? Does anyone understand? Similar phrases you probably already heard. But let me tell you my story. Here is an article I wrote for suicide prevention for the Edwards paper.

I have to say that I preform live on many stages, I have spoken in front of large crowds, I fly a Blackhawk helicopter, I’ve served as an officer in our military but this article was the hardest thing for me to express. I hope you are encouraged by my story.

Thin Line by Jen Housholder






  1. WOW Jen, This is a great article. Your story will touch a lot of people. I am glad you’re moving forward. By the way … thank you for serving our country.

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